Membership Information:

The Mora Area Chamber of Commerce is an organization of business and community members working together in support of its membership...with an ongoing mission to create, promote and enhance a healthy business environment.

Providing leadership, resources and support necessary for business success, growth and viability, the Mora Area Chamber of Commerce exists to "help business succeed".

What Will the Mora Area Chamber Do for You?

This is a question that you as a member or a prospective member should ask.
Business owners should be able to see how the chamber is working to help make area businesses successful. The following ways will demonstrate to you how the Mora Area Chamber of Commerce is working hard to promote your business.

M.A.C.C. Goals:

Business and Industrial Growth

  • Produce and distribute economic development brochures, community profiles and demographics.
  • Continue our collaboration with the MN Chamber in the GrowMN! program to retain and grow our local businesses.
  • Assist those who want to start a business, expand or relocate their business in the Kanabec Area.
  • Support businesses and media to help local promotions and events.
  • Encourage planning and zoning for future development.
  • Facilitate contact with legislators and elected officials regarding legislation and issues that affect businesses.
  • Work with others to ensure a healthy viable business community that includes downtown, highway, rural and other commercial-industrial areas of our community.

Communication and Public Relations

  • Communicate with zeal the positive aspects of business and community in the Kanabec Area.
  • Publish the Chamber’s Action Plan and other Chamber activities, programs and events.
  • Provide a community information desk.
  • Make “Hello”, “Welcome” and “Congratulations” visits to existing, new and expanding businesses.
  • Encourage business people to participate in the governmental process, run for office or apply for committee appointments.

Membership Development and Services

  • Encourage members to do business with Chamber members.
  • Create and communicate the value of Chamber membership to prospective and current members for the purpose of obtaining new members and retaining present members.


  • Promote the Kanabec Area as a destination for visitors by advertising and promoting in targeted areas and to targeted audiences.
  • Produce and distribute promotional brochures and informational pieces.
  • Encourage events, activities and projects that will attract visitors.
  • Communicate with event planners and operators.
  • Serve as our local Visitor’s Center.

Promotional Publications:

  • Chamber Newsletter:
    This publication is developed monthly and can be found in The Advertiser and published online at This newsletter provides updates on events and issues as well as information on positions currently being addressed by the chamber Board of Directors.
  • Visitors Guide:
    A beautifully designed magazine which is a quality guide that promotes area businesses, tourism and recreation. Chamber members are given hefty discounts on ads in this fine publication. Published every 2 years.
  • Economic Development:
    The Kanabec Area Economic Development Partnership has produced a short DVD commercial with printed and web-based promotional materials to encourage business growth in the Kanabec Area.
  • City and County Maps:
    The Chamber distributes maps of the Kanabec Area and lakes that surround.
    We also provide office space for publicly displaying members’ business brochures.



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Chamber Activities:

  • East Central Home, Business & Community Expo (formerly the East Central Home Show)
  • Kanabec Sportsmen’s Fair
  • Chamber Morning & After-Hours networking events & business spotlights
  • Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre/Silent Auction
  • Candidate Forums
  • High School Scholarship Program
  • Kanabec County Ambassador Program
  • Community Beautification & Unification Program
  • Winter Holiday Decorating…and more!

Six Unquestionable Reasons to Join:

  1. To support community events.
  2. To stimulate the local economy.
  3. To keep the community progressing.
  4. To promote and attract business and tourism in the County.
  5. A collective vote is more effective than an individual vote.
  6. A desire to establish a better future for the citizens of the Kanabec Area.

Our desire is for all Mora Area businesses to be members of the Chamber of Commerce, to feel the pride of being part of a larger whole that represents each and every member. It’s to everyone’s advantage; we all help one another and count on each other for suggestions and comments. With so much in favor of being part of this great organization, why would anyone chose not to? Get involved, we need you.

Please be a voice in your community and give us a call.

Promote the Mora Area!

Services we Provide:

  • Weekly chamber radio report. 1:15 each Wed. afternoon on KBEK 95.5FM
  • Monitor local & state business-related issues.
  • Chamber Cash which can only be spent only at chamber member businesses.
  • Discounts on commercial insurance policies.
  • The chamber provides relocation and visitors packets, including your company brochures, to prospective customers when requested.
  • Community/Chamber Web Site:
    All chamber members are listed on the Chamber’s web site and members’ website links are set up on our site at no charge as a benefit of Chamber Membership.
  • Membership Directory:
    This is part of the community profile, compiled of all current members free of charge only to chamber members. Members are listed alphabetically and by category. This list is useful as a main source of referrals. Not only will your membership be represented in our membership directory, your business will be highlighted in our newsletter to inform our membership and community of your business.
  • Referrals:
    The chamber office, as well as other chamber members make frequent referrals for products and service of exclusively chamber member businesses via phone, visitors, mails and email.
  • Community Calendar:
    This listing of current and upcoming events for the Kanabec Area is maintained by the Chamber.

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